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New Exadata Prototype

I got a look a new prototype for the next generation Exadata last week while doing some work with a company in Europe. Apparently there is a big push to be environmentally friendly there now and so Oracle is trying to come up with a model that uses less power and is biodegradable. The word on the street is that it won’t be available until after release 2 of the 12c database.

The new model has a few drawbacks though. For one thing, it only lasts a few weeks before you must either replace it or higher some rocket surgeon consultants to come in and tune it. From the early version of the prototype I saw, it does appear to be smaller and more tasty than previous models though.



That’s a picture of the lead designer (JP) showing off the prototype. The code name for the project is “Exanana” by the way. The new model should be available in select supermarkets after lunch (err launch). ┬áHere’s another picture of JP and one of the other designers (Paul) hamming it up for the camera.



I probably should have saved this post for April 1st!


  1. Ric Van Dyke says:

    I thought this post had great appeal…

  2. osborne says:

    Careful Ric, you’re starting down a slippery slope…

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