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Archive for July 2011


I think I made a mistake. I recently set up a twitter account @KerryOracleGuy (of course plain old @KerryOsborne was already taken). I only signed up because I wanted to see what @TanelPoder was saying. I wasn’t planning on tweeting at all when I signed up. I just wanted to see what Tanel was saying. Well the first day a bunch of people signed up to follow me. The whole thing seems a little strange. Although it is pretty easy to keep up with what people are doing. So I guess I’m going to give it a try and see if I like it. I have tweeted a few times and I think I am starting to get the hang of it (it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks). I have figured out how to use tiny url’s now. I think I need to figure out how to tweet pictures as well. I’ve heard there is a Twit Pic for doing that. If I use it though, I guess that would make me a “Twit Pic-er”, which I don’t much like the sound of. So maybe I’ll stick to text based tweets for now.

Cardinality Feedback

I ran into an interesting issue last week having to do with plan stability. The problem description went something like this:

“I have a statement that runs relatively quickly the first time I run it (around 12 seconds). Subsequent executions always run much slower, usually around 20 or 30 minutes. If I flush the shared pool and run it again elapsed time is back to 12 seconds or so.”

The query looked a little like this:

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Embarcadero Performance Panel

Karen Morton, Cary MIllsap and I will be participating in a on-line panel discussion about Oracle Performance on July 28th. Since we all worked together in the past we thought it would be a fun to listen to each other answer questions. Embarcadero is sponsoring this event and invited us to participate. Here’s a graphic from the mailer they sent out.

I only point it out because Cary and Karen look like they are posing for a picture, while I, as usual, look like someone just poured a drink down my pants. That’s normal though. I’ve been told I have a great face for radio.

You can sign up here: Register Now!

Exadata Virtual Conference

I will be participating in an Exadata Virtual Conference which has been organized by Tanel Poder on August 3rd and 4th. This conference will follow the same format as the one Tanel and I did last year with Jonathan Lewis and Cary Millsap. It will be two half days which should provide some flexibility for people with busy schedules. The online format allows all participants to interact directly via chat while the speakers are presenting and then via voice during question and answer sessions. This is a great opportunity to talk to some guys that have done a bunch of work with Exadata. Andy Colvin will be discussing patching which has been problematic for some shops. Andy has done more patching than anyone I know. Randy Johnson will be discussing Resource Management on Exadata which is a key to successful consolidation projects. I will be talking about how Smart Scans work under the covers and covering techniques for determining when and where they are (or are not) occurring. Tanel will be covering in depth tuning and diagnostic techniques specific to Exadata. Of course, Randy, Tanel and I collaborated on the upcoming Apress book, Expert Oracle Exadata, which should be out a couple of weeks before the conference. Here’s a link to the page with all the conference details:

Exadata Virtual Conference

Note that there is a discount for early registration. I hope to see you there.