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Title Description Date
Oracle Identity Management (OIM) Tech Day Presentation on using the Oracle LDAP server (OID) for user authentication with 3 cases studies. Originally presented at an Oracle Tech Day in Dallas in 2005. 02/02/2005
How NOT to Build an Oracle Application! A schizophrenic paper that covered two distinct topics. The first half of the presentation stuck to the original topic. It’s a top ten list of things not to do when building an Oracle based application. The second half of the paper dealt with creative problem solving techniques relating to Oracle systems. This paper was originally presented at the Hotsos Symposium held in Dallas 2006. 02/28/2006
Creative Problem Solving for Oracle Systems Whitepaper version of the “Creative Problem Solving” portion of the original “How NOT to Build an Oracle Application” presentation. 03/06/2006
How NOT to Build an Oracle Application – Rev2 An updated version of the 2006 Hotsos Symposium paper that just has the top ten list of worst things to do when developing an Oracle based application. 08/17/2007
Oracle Tech Day – Migration to 10g Oracle Tech Day presentation in Dallas on why you should upgrade to 10g. This was a tag team presentation with Randy Johnson. 10/04/2007
Tuning Oracle Systems Two part presentation on tuning Oracle Systems. The “Soft Skills” part focuses on how we think about tuning and the approaches we use. This includes a technique for producing a 3 dimensional graph plotting cost/benefit/risk. The “Hard Skills” part focuses on tools and techniques that can be used to solve Oracle performance problems. These include o/s tools, SQL scripts, and trace file analysis. The zip file contains a power point presentation as well as output from some of the scripts discussed. This presentation was originally done for an internal training event at the Dallas Enkitec office. 10/26/2007
Oracle Wait Events That Everyone Should Know This was another internal training presentation at Enkitec. A top ten (more or less) list of Oracle Wait Events, what causes them, how long they should take, and ways to reduce the amount of time spent on each event. There is also a brief discussion of how and why Explain Plan lies and what to do to get Oracle to tell the truth. 05/22/2008
Oracle 11g Advanced Features This was originally an Oracle Tech Day presentation that was co-presented with Randy Johnson. I later cleaned it up a bit and delivered it at an internal Enkitec training session. It is a discussion of several features that are new in 11g, mostly performance related. Topics include Results Cache, Real-Time SQL Monitoring, a new Plan Stability Model, Virtual Columns, Invisible Indexes and Statistics Enhancements. The zip file contains the presentation and 2 text files with demonstrations of the Results Cache feature and the Real-Time SQL Monitoring feature. 10/23/2008
Oracle Performance for Developers and the DBAs Who Love Them This is a presentation I did at the Hotsos Symposium in 2009. The title kind of says it all. I have delivered this talk several times to various audiences. 03/11/2009
Upgrading to 11gR2 – How to Avoid Performance Regressions This is a presentation I did on upgrading to 11g at an Oracle Special Event at Cowboys Stadium. Topics include how to minimize performance regressions during the upgrade due to plan changes.I presented it a second time at a Dallas Oracle Users Group meeting in Nov. of 2009. 10/28/2009
Controlling Execution Plans This is a presentation I did at the Hotsos Symposium in 2010 on techniques for controlling execution plans. It covers reasons for needing to exert control over execution plans including a brief discussion of some of the reasons for plan instability. A key topic in this presentation is SQL Profiles. There is an associated zip file with the scripts discussed in the presentation. 03/08/2010
Controlling Execution Plans Zip file Contains scripts discussed in the associated presentation. 03/08/2010
My Favorite Scripts – 2010 This is a presentation I did at the Hotsos Symposium in 2010 which basically just covered a bunch of the scripts that I use when diagnosing Oracle performance issues. There is an associated zip file with the scripts. 03/09/2010
My Favorite Scripts – 2010 Zip File Contains scripts discussed in the associated presentation. 03/09/2010
Enkitec Exadata Open House Presentation This is a short presentation I did at an open house at the Enkitec office to show off our new Exadata. It’s just a series of 3 or 4 early Exadata V2 case studies. 08/19/2010
Enkitec Exadata XMonth This is a presentation I did at Oracle’s X-Month training session in 2010. X-Month is an internal training session for people inside Oracle (mostly SC’s I think). 10/28/2010
Back to the Future – Mainframes, Open Systems, and the New Role of Exadata This is the keynote presentation from the Hotsos Symposium in 2011. It’s a little out of the norm for me as it was not supposed to be a strictly technical talk, although I managed to work in a bit of info on Exadata. 03/07/2011
Tuning Exadata This is a presentation I did at the Hotsos Symposium in 2011. It’s really a brief overview of Exadata architecture and then a discussion of Smart Scan, how it works, requirements to get it to kick in, and techniques for verifying whether Smart Scans were done or not. 03/07/2011
Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata Executive Dinner This is a presentation I did at an Oracle Executive Dinner in San Antonio. Here is a link to the promotional page for the event (it will probably disappear soon). 05/03/2011
Exadata Cusomter Advisor Board Presentation This is a short presentation I did at an Oracle Exadata Cusomter Advisory Board meeting describing Enkitec’s early experiences with Exadata. 06/14/2011
Understanding Exadata Offloading This is a presentation I did at the first ever Exadata Virtual Conference which featured Tanel Poder, Randy Johnson and Andy Colvin in addition to my own session. This presentation provides an introduction to the main Exadata optimizations which are enabled by smart scans. 08/03/2011
Do It Yourself Exadata This is a presentation I did at the RMOUG Training Days 2012 conference and then again at the Winter NoCOUG Conference in Redwood Shores. This presentation was based on an idea Kevin Closson had when he still worked at Oracle to do a presentation comparing Exadata to building a competing hardware platform from scratch. 02/16/2012
Real World Exadata This is a presentation I did at the Hotsos Symposium 2012. The session was originally titled “Exadata Optimization – Case Studies” but I changed the title to better reflect the material. The presentation consists of two parts. The first part is a review of statistics on various things from a sampling of 50 or 60 Exadatas that Enkitec had worked on at the time. It includes things like how many chose High Capacity Drives vs. how many chose Low Capacity Drives, how many were doing primarily DW vs. OLTP vs. mixed workloads, how many were quarter racks vs. half racks vs. full racks, etc… The second half of the presentation talks about the secret suace of Exadata and how to know if you are making use of it. But I didn’t actually get that far when I did the presentation due to all the questions. 03/07/2012
Create Problem Solving (for Oracle Systems) This is a presentation I did at Amazon Commit 2012. It’s a significantly updated version of a presentation I did at a Hotsos Symposium several years ago. It is unusual in that it is really a non-technical presentation. The topic is a discussion of how successful problem solvers (in the Oracle space) do what they do along with some suggestions for how to improve your own problem solving skills. 09/25/2012
Controlling Execution Plans (Without Touching the Code) 2012 This is a presentation I did 3 times in 2012, once at Hotsos Symposium 2012 in March, once at Amazon COMMIT 2012 in September, and once at the UKOUG Conference 2012 in December. It covers the pros and cons of SQL Profiles, SQL Patches and Baselines and how they can be used to control execution plans. 09/26/2012
X3-2 Introduction A presentation I did at an Oracle Tech Day in Dallas. It’s a review of the recent X3-2 Exadata release. 11/1/2012
Hadoop Meets Exadata – Take 2 This is a presentation I did at the Oracle DW Global Leaders Meeting in Dallas. It’s an updated version of a talk I did originally at the first Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) and then again at Oracle Open World, 2012. 12/13/2012
Big Data in the Relational World This is a presentation that combines some info from the Hadoop Meets Exadata presentation with some introductory info on Big Data. I’ve used it a couple times for webcasts such as the two I did for JPMorgan Chase in Dec. 2012. 12/18/2012
12c Adaptive Optimization This is a presentation I did at Hotsos Symposium 2013. I had originally submitted an abstract on another 12c new feature, Zone Maps. But when that feature was cut from the Beta 3 release, I was asked not to mention it. This talk focuses on the new adaptive features of the optimizer in 12c. Note: Maria Colgan provided invaluable information for this presentation (and even a few slides). :) 3/6/2013
SQL Plan Management (SPM) for 12c This is a presentation I did at Oak Table World in San Francisco in 2013 and again at RMOUG in 2014. It’s a walk through of the basic features of SPM along with notes on how it is changing in 12cR1. (note – I fixed a couple of typos after the presentation at RMOUG at the audience’s request) 9/24/2013
SQL Gone Bad – But Plan Not Changed! This is a presentation I did at Hotsos in 2014. It’s about plan stability issues that are difficult to identify and resolve due to the fact that the plan hash value (PHV) has not changed. Unfortunately predicates are not included in PHV calculation. This is actually zip file containing the presentation and the scripts used in the demo. 3/03/2014


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  2. osborne says:

    Sorry about that. The last upgrade got us. The links have been fixed now. And I see I haven’t updated this page for 2 years. I’ll come back and add links to some other presentations that have occurred since this was last updated.


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    Hi Kerry,

    Your Back to the Future slide define SAGE incorrectly.

    • SAGE (Storage Application for the Grid Infrastructure)

    It’s supposed to be Storage Appliance for Grid Environments. Or were you not referring to the name of Exadata when it was Project SAGE?

  7. osborne says:

    Ha – you must be pretty bored to be reading my old presentations. Thanks for pointing out the typo. Brain thought Appliance and fingers typed Application I guess. I will correct it.

  8. kevinclosson says:

    So is it SAGI after you change Appliance ?


    Not bored…king multitasker.

  9. osborne says:

    Nah, I really fixed it. Now I just have to remember how to upload the new version. ;)

  10. kevinclosson says:

    By the way, can you explain how you foresee Oracle taking market share in disk in the future (as per that deck) ?

  11. osborne says:

    Well they are taking a little market share now are they not? They weren’t in the storage business at all until a couple of years ago when the Exadata V2 came out. I don’t know what the volume of data is but it’s certainly > 0. But you know I’m an Exadata Fan Boy (and therefore a fan of your work), so I’m prone to see everything through rose colored glasses.

  12. kevinclosson says:

    Hmmm…well, we’ll have to wait and see. It would be quite a turn around story if Sun does come to life, emerge form the tomb and manage to account for any significant percentage of volumes in any category be it servers or storage.

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