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Archive for June 2011

New Blogger – Andy Colvin

Here’s a link to brand new blog by a very experienced Exadata guy. Andy has done a bunch of Exadata projects over the last year and a half and has done more patching than anyone I know. Should be some interesting info coming from him. His first post is about an X2-8 that he is currently working on (with pictures). And here’s the link to the home page on his blog:

Andy Colvin’s Oracle Blog

Check him out.

Oracle Open World 2011 – Suggest a Session

Well my lone abstract submission didn’t get selected at Open World this year. But apparently they have a second chance system where you can “Suggest a Session” and users can vote on which papers they’d like to see on the agenda. I went ahead and suggested “Tuning Exadata” – It sounds like something you shouldn’t have to do, but remember that Exadata is not an appliance that has few or no knobs to turn. It has all the power and options of an Oracle database and there are certainly things that you can do wrong that will keep Exadata from performing at its best. So the paper is about how you can know for sure whether Exadata is doing what it should and how to coerce it if you need to.

The site where this voting is supposed to take place is a little difficult to navigate (in my humble opinion) so here’s a direct link to the page where you can see the abstract (and vote if you deem it worthy). 😉

Tuning Exadata

You will have to log in with your Oracle Single Signon account (what you use for My Oracle Support – or Metalink for the old guys) or I think you can create an separate account if you want. By the way, Andy Colvin has submitted an abstract for a talk on Exadata Patching, which should be very informative if it gets picked. He’s done more Exadata patching than anyone I am aware of. Here’s a link to his abstract:

Rolling with the Punches – Adventures in Exadata Patching

There will undoubtedly be many deserving abstracts. For example, several of my OakTable brethren have suggested sessions as well. So please look around the site for others of interest as well. You can vote for as many as you want.

Les Paul’s Birthday

Check out the google page today. It would have been Les Paul’s 96th birthday.

Here’s a link (in case you can’t find google on your own).

You still have a few hours to play around with it before the next logo shows up. (maybe there will be a place to find it later)

You can strum it or use the middle row of keys to play notes. Try j k l j k h j g h.

Sasquatch – er, Exadata X2-8

We’ve been joking around at the office about whether the Exadata X2-8 model has actually been observed in the wild. Some of the guys have been affectionately referring to it as Sasquatch because we’ve never actually seen one. Well we actually got our hands on real one today.

Not as pretty as the X2-2, but as long as it’s fast it doesn’t really matter what it looks like I guess. Thanks to Andy Colvin for the iPhone snap. We’ll be doing some testing with it soon so stay tuned. By the way, we’ve got our T-Shirts on order: