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Les Paul’s Birthday

Check out the google page today. It would have been Les Paul’s 96th birthday.

Here’s a link (in case you can’t find google on your own).

You still have a few hours to play around with it before the next logo shows up. (maybe there will be a place to find it later)

You can strum it or use the middle row of keys to play notes. Try j k l j k h j g h.


  1. craig says:

    Now if only you could change the sound to a banjo….

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  3. osborne says:

    Ha. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday messing with this thing. Maybe it’s just because I kept running into it. You don’t really realize how many times a day you hit Google. But anyway, I worked out a few little ditties and played them for my family last night. They got bored way quicker than I did apparently!

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