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Enkitec is an Anagram for Necktie


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I work for a small company named Enkitec. I’ve been asked several times recently where the name Enkitec came from. In fact, someone told me just today that they had heard that “Enkitec is an anagram for necktie, which guys that work for Enkitec are universally reluctant to wear”. While that statement is true, it’s not the reason why the company was named Enkitec. Someone just happened to notice it a couple of years after the company was formed and mentioned it in a presentation. And thus the myth was born. The real story about the name was that we were trying to figure out what to call the company and we couldn’t come up with anything we liked (with a matching domain name that was still available). So we did what all marketing challenged people do, we hired a freelance marketing wiz kid to come up with some ideas for us. We met with him a few times over a couple of weeks and eventually settled on Enkitec. It means absolutely nothing by the way, but the domain name was available! 🙂 The thing that sticks out in my memory though is that the marketing guy wore these dark rimed glasses that made him look smart. One day I made some comment about how they improved his image and said something about how if I was the suspicious type, I would think that they were just for show. He then proceeded to admit that he didn’t actually need glasses and so the lenses were just plain glass. One of my favorite all time marketing stories!