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New Guitar

I turned in the first draft of my last chapter in Expert Oracle Exadata last weekend. Tanel and Randy are working on their last chapters so we should be done with the basic material in a matter of days. We’ll still have a fair amount of editing work to do, but that’s a lot easier than coming up with the first pass at the material (which feels a little like giving birth). So as a reward to myself I bought a new guitar.

The picture’s a little dark, but check out the awesome paisley case in the background. I chickened out and didn’t play it on Sunday at my church gig. (takes a little while to get used to a new guitar don’t you know) Maybe next week. ;)

I’ve Updated the White Papers/Presentation Page

I finally took a little time to update the page with some of the presentations I’ve done over the last couple of years. You can get there via the menu bar above or by clicking here: White Papers/Presentations

Maybe some day I’ll have time to organize all the scripts.

Expert Oracle Exadata Book Available as Part of Apress Alpha Program

I’ve had several inquiries about whether our upcoming Exadata book is part of the “Alpha” program at Apress. Honestly, I wasn’t even familiar with the program so I asked our editor, Jonathan Gennick, and found out that our book is part of the program. Tanel already did a post explaining how it works here:

I just wanted to follow up with a quick post since I’d had a few questions about it already. It’s actually pretty cool if you are anxious to get your hands on the material. It’s also interesting because you can see how the book writing process goes. You basically have access to draft versions of chapters as the authors turn them in – warts and all. Then you’ll get emails when the chapters are updated as they go through the reviewing and editing process. Here’s a link to the Apress page where you can see all the details:

So welcome to the future where everyone can see everything you’re doing. Next thing you know we’ll all be wearing jet packs.

Exatadata Book 2

I have been getting quite a few questions about our upcoming Exadata Book lately so I thought I would post a quick update. We are working feverishly on it so please give us a break!

Just kidding!

I am actually feeling like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. We are well past the half way mark and I am feeling confident about the content. Well more than confident actually. I think it’s going to be awesome! In large part that’s due to the fact that I feel like we have the Dream Team working on the project. Tanel Poder has signed on as a co-author. Kevin Closson is the Official Technical Reviewer (and we’re tentatively planning on including a number of his comments in the book – in little “Kevin Says” sidebars). As one of the main architects of Exadata, this should provide some interesting perspective. Arup Nanda has volunteered as an unofficial technical reviewer as well. I have to say that Arup has been a great help. And I really appreciate him providing another perspective on what we’re writing about. All three of these guys are fellow Oak Table bretheren, by the way. Randy Johnson is the other co-author, and although he generally prefers to keep a low profile, he is extremely knowledgeable on things that the rest of us don’t deal with that much on a day to day basis, namely backup and recovery and storage configuration. He has a great RAC and ASM background as well. I have to also say that a guy none of you has ever heard of (Andy Colvin) has been a huge help as well. He is our in-house Exadata patching guru. Without him I’m not sure we would have been able to do the necessary testing to complete the book.

I must say that I feel honored to be involved in a project with such an accomplished group of guys. And by the way, we have had numerous offers from people that I have a lot of respect for to help with various aspects of the project. I want to thank all of you for those offers, even if we haven’t taken you up on all of them (our little brains can only absorb so much feedback at any one time). The book is actually available for pre-order on the Amazon already (so someone must think we are actually going to finish it pretty soon). I think we’re  right on track for later spring delivery. :-)

I’m in the Wrong Business

Well I stayed at home today to do some writing on a book project while one of my sons and one of my daughters and my wife went to the Fort Worth Natural Science Museum. So I was feeling a little overworked and like I was missing out because I’ve been slaving away writing “scholarly technical material”. Then I got a text from my son. Just a picture that’s all.

I’m sure these two books will probably sell a few orders of magnitude more copies than any book that I contribute to. Kind of puts it all in perspective. I think next weekend I’ll go to the zoo with them.