Expert Oracle Exadata Book Available as Part of Apress Alpha Program

I’ve had several inquiries about whether our upcoming Exadata book is part of the “Alpha” program at Apress. Honestly, I wasn’t even familiar with the program so I asked our editor, Jonathan Gennick, and found out that our book is part of the program. Tanel already did a post explaining how it works here:

I just wanted to follow up with a quick post since I’d had a few questions about it already. It’s actually pretty cool if you are anxious to get your hands on the material. It’s also interesting because you can see how the book writing process goes. You basically have access to draft versions of chapters as the authors turn them in – warts and all. Then you’ll get emails when the chapters are updated as they go through the reviewing and editing process. Here’s a link to the Apress page where you can see all the details:

So welcome to the future where everyone can see everything you’re doing. Next thing you know we’ll all be wearing jet packs.


  1. Uh, does that mean they’re going to see my Tech Review comments? Is that going to get ugly? 🙂

  2. Kevin Fries says:

    I was hoping to see a table of contents since I could only get 8 chapters. Now I’m nosy at what else is covered. I’m only half kidding since one of my co-workers put out a book last year and I know how much grief that was. If nothing else, a teaser on how many chapters…

  3. osborne says:

    Hi Kevin,

    No, thank goodness they clean up the nasty comments from the tech reviewer before exposing it to the general public.

    Hi Kevin,

    Here is the list of chapters:

    1 What is Exadata (hardware)
    2. Offloading/Smart Scan
    3. HCC
    4. Storage Indexes
    5. Flash Cache
    6. Parallel Operations
    7. Resource Management
    8. Configuring Exadata
    9. Recovering Exadata
    10. Wait Events
    11. Monitoring Performance DB
    12. Monitoring Performance Cells
    13. Migrations
    14. Storage Layout
    15. Node Layout
    16. Unlearning Some Things We Thought We Knew

    Amazon and the Apress site both have descriptions of the chapters (although the list has changed slightly from what is up on those sites).

  4. Kevin Fries says:

    Thanks for the chapter list. I see a few of the chapters I’m really interested in aren’t quite available. That’s good as those are complicated topics. I didn’t see the descriptions of the chapters in the Apress Site and assumed I’d not have any better luck at Amazon.

    If it’s half as good as the Pro Oracle SQL, I’m happy. I’m sure it’ll be a lot better than that but going through the 8 I have is quite enough to keep me busy.

  5. osborne says:

    No problem, thanks for the kind words on the Pro Oracle SQL book. The current PDF’s are very early versions so take everything with a grain of salt. Some of the features have changed while we’ve been writing. I particular, the Storage Index chapter has changed quite a bit due to changes in how the feature works. Hopefully they will get some newer version up there pretty soon.


  6. Kevin Fries says:

    I’m quite sure Chapter 16 will be an eye opener. I’m still slogging through Chapter #6 and the ramifications. It’s a bit out of order from how it’s presented but it caught my eye as the custom package my employers use has a “parallel” feature and it’s widely abused.

  7. Kevin Fries says:

    One quick thing. Chapter 6, page 23 mentions “Parallel Queering”. It’s that buggy[1]? Just mentioning it since a spell checker probably won’t pick it up.

    [1] “queering the deal” was the immediate thought that popped into my head, not the more obvious one…

  8. osborne says:

    I think spell check is how it got in there in the first place. 😉 But it’s funny nevertheless.


  9. Tyler Muth says:


    Outstanding book so far. Can you drop me an email so I can reply with some comments?


  10. Giri says:

    Hi Kerry,
    Its a great opportunity to get your book before it is published. I bought the book on apress website few weeks ago.
    However, to my surprise, that eBook link disappeared in my appress login. When i reached Apress support, they told me that they were moving from old servers to new servers and hence the data is missing. However, they did not tell me when the issue will be resolved.

    So at this stage, I bought your alpha book, But I can’t access it now and I can’t see your new updates and new chapters. Do you know if anyone has complained about loosing access to the ebook. Can you find out from your publishers on when this issue will get resolved as I want to be able to download new chapters you upload and i should be able to download complete book when you announce completion of the book.

    I sent few email to Appress support 8 to 9 days before and I am still waiting for their reply.


  11. Ravi says:

    Hi Kerry,

    The ebook mentions the diagnostics scripts are available (Pg 7) but site
    name seems to be wrong, could you point us me to the right website.

    “You can find the source code for all of the
    scripts we used in the book online at Appendix C also contains a listing of
    all the diagnostic scripts along with a brief description of their purpose.”



  12. kk says:

    hi Kerry,
    i tried to open , it doesnt open. Is it possible for you to upload the script at some other location?


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  14. Raghu says:

    Hi Kerry,

    I bought the second edition of “Expert Oracle Exadata”.

    The book mentions the diagnostics scripts are available but the page fails to open. Can you please provide the link to download the scripts?

    Thanks & Regards,


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