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Oracle Tech Day Presentation – 11g (Upgrade?)

I did a little impromptu talk yesterday at an Oracle Tech Day. It was kind of a funny situation. They had a speaker that couldn’t make it, so they called me at about 1:30 to see if I could talk at 2:00. Luckily my office is very close to the Oracle office, so I said sure.

The topic was supposed to be something about upgrading to 11g, and I had done a talk a month or so ago (at a Dallas Oracle Users Group meeting) about some of my favorite 11g features. So you know how it works, when you’ve got a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. So I used the Power Point from that earlier talk and tried to tie in the upgrade theme as best I could. At about 3:05 I looked down at my watch and realized my hour was up (everyone knows that standard presentations are one hour). So I politely asked the audience if I should be wrapping up and they said, no you’re supposed to go until 4:00. Ouch!

Anyway, it wasn’t too painful, thanks to some good questions. Thanks to everyone who put up with the last minute sub. I promised to post the presentation materials. So here’s a link: 11g Presentation Materials

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  1. BENABIO says:

    je voudrai avoir la page d’installation oracle 11g

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