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Oracle Exadata Delivery Day

Well our new Exadata showed up this week. We had a pretty nice lab environment already. A bunch of Dell’s, some IBM’s, several Sun’s. We have a couple of EMC Sans as well (we actually threw away a whole EMC rack to make room for the Exadata). And of course we have every version of Oracle from 8i to 11gR2. It’s a good learning environment. It also let’s us try things when clients have a specific set of versions that we want to mimic. So now we have an Exadata V2 as well. We’ve had the delivery date on the calendar for several weeks. For some reason it reminded of the Weird Al Yankovik song Weasel Stomping Day.

It’s probably a sad reflection on how geeky we are that everyone is running around all excited like it’s Christmas or something.

Here’s a few pictures:

It’s a really fast machine by the way. In fact, we had trouble keeping up with it from the moment we got it off the truck.

Really fast, and slippery. Well in a couple of days we can actually turn it on (we’re supposed to let it acclimate to our environment). On Friday afternoon we’re going to have a happy hour to celebrate our newest edition. Wade calls it a sip and see. We’ll probably take a few pictures of ourselves with the little bundle of joy and sing a chorus of a festive Weird Al song, or maybe two. Come on by if you’re in the neighborhood!


  1. Michael Fontana says:

    As a huge Oracle fan and an Oracle consultant, this is indeed exciting. Adding in that I am a world-class Wierd Al Yankovic fan makes it doubly disappointing that I will miss the grand event.

    I am sure it will be a fun time for all!

  2. Walter says:

    >>It’s probably a sad reflection on how geeky we are ..

    LOL.. When i read the first couple of lines I was thinking the same.

  3. […] » Oracle Exadata Delivery Day – Kerry Osborne’s Oracle Blog – view page – cached Well our new Oracle/Sun Exadata V2 showed up this week. For some reason it reminded of the Weird Al Yankovik song Weasel Stomping Day. Here are some p Tweets about this link Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[’emarcelcom’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:””,”nick”:”emarcelcom”}; emarcelcom: “EXADATA Delivery day:) ” 30 minutes ago view tweet retweet Topsy.Data.Twitter.User[‘rnm1978’] = {“photo”:””,”url”:”″,”nick”:”rnm1978″}; rnm1978: “#excitedgeeks #exadata #envious! ” 1 day ago view tweet retweet Filter tweets […]

  4. Eric Guyer says:

    I’m interested in the results of your Exadata testing! There isn’t much info about its stability, performance, etc, in real-world environments. Specifically, I’m interested in how Exadata compares to IBM PowerVM capabilities in consolidating database workloads and supporting high resource utilization.

  5. osborne says:

    Hi Eric,

    I expect we will be doing a fair amount of benchmarking on our system and I will be posting info about it as time permits. I’m not sure what you mean by comparing it to IBM PowerVM though. Do you mean comparing it to Oracle running on a large P series box using PowerVM to manage resource usage ala “instance caging”?


  6. maclean says:

    I’m guessing how much does this machine cost
    Would you like to write an article about hybrid columnar compression in real Exdata env?

  7. osborne says:

    List price as of this writing on a quarter rack is $300K (hardware). That’s with 72 TB raw disk (SAS) and over 1 TB of flash cache. Of course the software is another matter. The software on the database nodes is standard Oracle – so you may be able to consolidate licenses you already own on to the platform. The storage software is licensed by the disk drive and the list price is currently $10K per drive. There are 36 drives in a quarter rack, so the list price for the storage software on that configuration is $360K.

    Here’s a link to the official pricing doc:

    In many cases it appears that consolidation of multiple databases on to the platform can make economic sense due to the raw power of the system.

    I will certainly be posting something on the HCC stuff as time permits.


  8. Eric Guyer says:

    Yep, that’s exactly what I mean with regards to comparing Exadata to IBM Power.

  9. wutong says:

    hi osborne,

    AS you said,Exadata makes me very exciting,but I am not sure what rang the discount of the listprice. on the other hand,I have some questions for you:

    1. what the service of Exadata is included?which is free?which is charged?how to?
    2.How to dilivery Oracle Exadata?

    look forward your reply!thanks!

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