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Expert Oracle Exadata Translated into Chinese

Last year at Oracle Open World I was introduced to a guy named Zhang Leyi (Kamus). He said he had been hired to translate our Expert Exadata book into Chinese. There were a couple of other guys on the team as well – Kaya Huang 黄凯耀 and Jacky Zhang 张瑞. Well they have apparently finished their work and the book is due to be released this month. Kamus sent us a copy of the cover (see below). It looks very sexy don’t you think? We exchanged a few emails with the guys while they were working on it mainly just clarifying our intentions and helping them fix typos in the original version Unfortunately I wasn’t as responsive as I should have been (sorry about that guys), but Tanel and Randy did a pretty good job I think. Not surprisingly, the most difficult part seemed to be translating some of the “Kevin Says” sections, as he has a way of packing a lot into very few words.

So anyway, congratulations to the guys for getting through the project. I hope they send me a copy. 😉



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  2. >>I hope they send me a copy. 😉

    You read Chinese ? 😉

  3. osborne says:

    No but I can look at the pictures. 🙂

  4. Kamus says:

    Hi Kerry
    Thanks for your blog post. Cheers. 😀

  5. Michael Paddock says:

    Any translation makes me think of the TV show “NewsRadio” when the station owner wrote an autobiography that was a failure. But, the Japanese translation is a hit. So, the book is translated from Japanese back into English, with the hope that it will be a hit. The retranslated title changes from “Jimmy James: Capitalist Lion Tamer” to “Jimmy James: Macho Business Donkey Wrestler”.

    I’m just saying it’s a good idea to double check.

  6. Wojciech says:


    could you tell how you create a kso.skew3 table? Would like to compare it with my results. It is not stated nowhere in this fantastic book. Thank you in advance.

    • osborne says:

      I have uploaded a script called create_skew.sql which has the basic steps I used to create the SKEW table. It’s a simple table which I created to play around with skewed data distributions a long time ago (as you may have guessed). The SKEW table had about 32 million rows. That table was not big enough to produce any reasonable run times when testing on the Exadata so I created the SKEW3 table by doing a few INSERT INTO AS SELECT statements. and recreating the index on COL1. There is nothing magic about the data. In fact I make changes to it occassionaly to suite my purposes (such as setting a few columns to null when testing Storage Indexes). Hope that helps.

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