Expert Oracle Exadata Translated into Chinese

Last year at Oracle Open World I was introduced to a guy named Zhang Leyi (Kamus). He said he had been hired to translate our Expert Exadata book into Chinese. There were a couple of other guys on the team as well – Kaya Huang 黄凯耀 and Jacky Zhang 张瑞. Well they have apparently finished their work and the book is due to be released this month. Kamus sent us a copy of the cover (see below). It looks very sexy don’t you think? We exchanged a few emails with the guys while they were working on it mainly just clarifying our intentions and helping them fix typos in the original version Unfortunately I wasn’t as responsive as I should have been (sorry about that guys), but Tanel and Randy did a pretty good job I think. Not surprisingly, the most difficult part seemed to be translating some of the “Kevin Says” sections, as he has a way of packing a lot into very few words.

So anyway, congratulations to the guys for getting through the project. I hope they send me a copy. ;)


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