11g Upgrade Talk

I am signed up to do a talk next week at the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium (known affectionately around here as “Jerry World”).

The stadium cost approximately 1.8 billion dollars to build. It’s supposed to be pretty impressive, I guess we’ll find out. U2 played in the stadium last week. Jerry had to move the big jumbo-tron screen above the floor in order for U2 to get their elaborate stage set up. The rumor was that it cost about $1 million to move it. Small change compared to the overall cost of the project.

We’re supposed to be in the press room which only seats about 100. This should be a fun event not only because of the interesting venue, but because the list of presenters includes a couple of good friends (Cary Millsap of Method R and Sean Turner now with Oracle). The theme is 11g R2. I had been told the event was full for a while and originally the sign up page just had a number to call for overflow seating, but there is a link to register on the page now, so get in while you can. Here’s the link to the info page:

11g Release 2 Technology Day

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Michael Paddock says:

    I believe the actual nickname for Jerry World is the DEATH STAR.

    “That’s no moon. It’s a sports stadium!”

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