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11g Release 2 Technology Day – Dallas Cowboy Stadium

Well the talk went pretty OK. I did feel pressed for time though. Mainly because I had 53 slides for a 45 minute talk, but we also were running behind schedule by the time I got to do my bit. But we got through it. I didn’t get to go into nearly as much detail as I would have liked but that may not have been such a bad thing. The one thing I didn’t say that I had intended to was that 11g looks very similar to 10g unless you actively implement some of the new features. So DBA’s that are familiar with 10g should quickly begin to feel comfortable with 11g. By the way, I’m quite happy to entertain any questions on the presentation here since we ran out of time.

So anyway, without further ado, here is the link to the power point presentation: Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g Release 2

I also took a bunch of pictures during the tour of the stadium which I’ll post later. Here’s the most interesting part of the stadium for a bunch of computer nerds like us though, the data center!

Apparently, even the computer operators get to watch TV in Jerry’s house!

Update: – here’s a few more pictures!

Video monitors everywhere – including some just to show the logo …

Here’s my co-presenter Cary Millsap:

… just before we got to go into the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dressing room. That explains the look on his face!

The funniest thing was that everyone was taking pictures in the locker room …

Here’s a couple of shady looking characters …

Some Enkitec folks and friends hamming it up … (Wade’s the one that looks like he’s ready to draw!)

The Cotton Bowl committee offices …

Jerry loves his big screen ….

I didn’t realize how big it was until I saw this (that’s a man under the 2nd t in at&t) …

Here’s one of the goal posts (I had to photoshop in most of the grass as they roll it away during the week) …

Jerry’s making money on everything …

Here’s the tunnel the Cowboy’s players run through to the field. They run right through a bar, with fans in it, with drinks in their hands …

And finally, the Cowboys locker room …

I was surprised that Tony Romo and Jason Witten have side by side lockers.

That’s it – let me know if you have any questions.


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  2. Matt says:

    Kerry — Sorry I missed it! I really wanted to go but I was double booked for a Jonathan Lewis siminar in Plano. It was great. Man Jonathan really knows his stuff.

  3. Guys, certain things happened and they are difficult to explain. I had looked forward to the opportunity to participate in this Oracle event at the new Cowboy world-class stadium. I simply feel discouraged and turn-off due to my lack of personal transportation. Unfortunately, DART doesn’t run the route. I could have make an alternative arrangement, but I am still trying to rationalize the motion of life that I am going through presently. My due apology to the organizers of this event; and to a great mentor whom I admire always. Mr. Cary Millsap. Hopefully, things will improve soon.

    Cheers all!

    Martins Adegoke

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