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DOAG 2016

I had a great time at DOAG 2016. It’s one of the best run conferences I’ve been to! I did a quick cameo during the keynote to talk about performance in Oracle’s cloud. Nothing like being on stage with a guy wearing a tie. 🙂 Thanks Andrew for inviting me to say a few words.


Oracle Cloud Performance Testing Results


That was fun!

Then I did a couple of technical talks.

The first was on SQL Translation Framework. The second was supposed to be a workshop where I just logged on to a system and ran through some of my scripts for controlling execution plans. Unfortunately the computer gods were not with me and I had to fall back to power point instead. So I did an abbreviated version of my Controlling Execution Plans (without touching the code) talk instead.

Anyway, I had a great time. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Robert says:

    Hi, seen both of your talks at DOAG 2016. Very well done and interesting for me as well (I asked for outlines due to there relevance in standard edition – you might remember). Anyhow, I’d like to encourage you (as well as the other “guru’s” from overseas such as Tanel P.) to come back. Those talks make a difference for me.

  2. osborne says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback Robert. I’ll definitely try to come back to DOAG next year. Maybe I can talk Tanel into coming as well. 🙂


  3. Pete says:

    Kerry –

    Is there a corresponding paper that includes more of the technical details and assumptions that went into the Cloud Performance document that you linked to? Thanks.

  4. osborne says:

    Not that is publicly available.


  5. James Sui says:

    I’ve done a lot of work on the J2EE project and the ORACLE stored procedure, and I’ve been looking for books about ORACLE, PLSQL programming, and Oracle optimization. I found the “pro Oracle SQL”, although I read the Chinese translation version. But thank you very much for your efforts. At first I saw the blog address in the book. I didn’t think I could access it, because there was a Chinese the Great Wall firewall in China that blocked some foreign websites, but now it seems to be accessible. Ha-ha

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