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Exadata Zone Maps

Just a quick post on a new Exadata feature called Zone Maps. They’re similar to storage indexes on Exadata, but with more control (you can define the columns and how the data is refreshed for example). People have complained for years that storage indexes provided no control mechanisms, but now we have a way to […]

System Statistics – “Exadata” Mode

Here’s a very quick note on a relatively recent addition to System Statistics. It’s the so called “Exadata mode”. This mode is intended to give the optimizer a little more info about the storage system on the Exadata platform. Here’s some info from an MOS note. —————————————————————————————— Oracle Sun Database Machine Setup/Configuration Best Practices [ID […]

Extreme Exadata Expo Speakers Announced

Thanks to everyone that submitted abstracts for our upcoming E4 conference. Unfortunately, there were more quality submissions than we had room for. Maybe next year we should expand the event to 3 days. :) But in the meantime, we have assembled what I believe is an excellent line up of speakers. I’ll just mention a few […]

E4 2013 – Exadata Conference Call for Papers Closing

  Just a quick note to remind you that the call for papers for E4 is closing in a few days (on April 30).  So if you have anything you think is interesting related to Exadata that you’d like to share we’d love to hear from you. By the way, you don’t have to be […]

New Exadata Prototype

I got a look a new prototype for the next generation Exadata last week while doing some work with a company in Europe. Apparently there is a big push to be environmentally friendly there now and so Oracle is trying to come up with a model that uses less power and is biodegradable. The word […]