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The APPEND_VALUES hint was introduced in 11.2 to allow direct path inserts with variables using the VALUES clause. i.e. INSERT INTO XYZ (COL1, COL2) VALUES (:A, :B); The feature was designed to allow bulk inserting via arrays of 100′s or 1000′s of records in a single insert statement. Prior to 11.2, there was no documented [...]

Enkitec is an Anagram for Necktie

    I work for a small company named Enkitec. I’ve been asked several times recently where the name Enkitec came from. In fact, someone told me just today that they had heard that “Enkitec is an anagram for necktie, which guys that work for Enkitec are universally reluctant to wear”. While that statement is [...]

System Statistics – “Exadata” Mode

Here’s a very quick note on a relatively recent addition to System Statistics. It’s the so called “Exadata mode”. This mode is intended to give the optimizer a little more info about the storage system on the Exadata platform. Here’s some info from an MOS note. —————————————————————————————— Oracle Sun Database Machine Setup/Configuration Best Practices [ID [...]

SQL Gone Bad – But Plan Not Changed? – Part 1

Last week an interesting issue popped up on a mission critical production app (MCPA). A statement that was run as part of a nightly batch process ran long. In fact, the statement never finished and the job had to be killed and restarted. This particular system is prone to plan stability issues due to various [...]

Extreme Exadata Expo Speakers Announced

Thanks to everyone that submitted abstracts for our upcoming E4 conference. Unfortunately, there were more quality submissions than we had room for. Maybe next year we should expand the event to 3 days. :) But in the meantime, we have assembled what I believe is an excellent line up of speakers. I’ll just mention a few [...]